The Rondels – Back Beat No.1 2013


The complete version is 5:58 Version


Back Beat No. 1 2013

Recently Lennie Petze came up with an idea of creating a new version of The Rondels hit “ Back Beat No.1.”

The original version was recorded at Ace Recording Studios in Boston early in 1961.Over 50 years ago!! Engineered by Herb Yakus, the sound of the record still booms out of the speaker and the drum solo rocks. The original group on the record consisted of Lennie Petze, Jimmy Petze, Lenny Collins and Ray Pizzi.

In his Petze Music Studio he put together a track that starts with an actual radio spot that The Rondels did in 1961 promoting a DJ on WCAO in Baltimore, MD.The track includes the old and definitely the sound of the new. A driving track that has all the elements of the original recording of the 1961 hit and new sounds that expand and create a version thatʼs as good as anything youʼll hear today in the clubs and dance halls of the world.

Weʼre calling it BackBeat No.1 2013 of course and itʼs a real collaboration of the original members of The Rondels.
Lennie is playing guitars, Lenny Collins is playing drums, Bobby Collins is playing Keyboards and Ray Pizzi plays an amazing sax solo then to top it off Bobby Morse put together a sax section that makes the track explode. Ray recorded his parts in Van Nuys, California and Bobby Morse did his in Indian Rock Beach, Florida.

With the technology today, music files sent from Ray and Bobby over the internet put them right in Lennieʼs studio in Massachusetts. The final outcome Iʼm sure will delight the listener and follower and collector of rock instrumentals.

Lennie Petze